The INTERWAY GROUP has more than 15 years of experience in the health sector, having developed projects in countries such as Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and more recently Timor-Leste. These projects have ranged from providing hospital training and management, equipment, consumables and medicines, and developing screening projects for populations in remote communities. The GROUP has also involved participation in the development of regional and national health plans and in designing and building hospitals, using modular technology with EC certification, allowing them to expand and increase their capacity according to technical requirements and budget.

The GROUP´s extensive experience gives it unique credibility in this sector, permitting develop a range of structural projects including:

  • A Global Screening Programme to identify the critical areas of need in the Angolan health sector;
  • Project Management of Hospital located in the provinces of northern Mozambique, providing health services to workers in the oil & gas, construction and others sectors supported and certified by the main insurance companies in the world;
  • The Oé-Cusse International Clinic, built with modular technology and on a turnkey model in only 6 months, from site preparation through to completion of the construction, with fully fitted out hospital equipment and consumables;
  • The Health for All Project, a customised development of Mobile Healthcare Units in four-wheel drives equipped with various diagnostic tools and medicines, providing basic health care services to remote populations in Oé-Cusse, where access is practically impossible. The project also allowed for the collection of data and information that facilitate the elaboration of epidemiological studies.